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FACT: African Americans and Latinos are twice as likely to have limited are uncertain access to adequate and healthy food as compared to their white counterparts.

24% of children in Marin have limited or uncertain access to adequate food/nutrition.

26% of residents experiencing food insecurity are older adults

The HEAL Hunger Initiative creates and aligns systems across government agencies and community organizations so everyone in Marin County has access to affordable, healthy food. HEAL partners work in three priority areas: CalFresh, Food Now and Built Environment.


CalFresh is the name of California’s food assistance program known across the country as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Problem: Marin County has one of the lowest estimated CalFresh participation rates in California. Only around 45% of eligible residents receive CalFresh benefits.

Fact: If fully utilized, CalFresh, would generate an additional $45million in local economic activity.

Solution: Increase food assistance program participation by 10% in Marin County by 2021.

Food Now

Increasing access to food for hungry people when they need it.

Problem: Marin County’s food distribution systems are fragmented.

Fact: 26% older adults are at risk of food insecurity

Solution: Enhance the current food distribution system to include screening, referrals and mobile services.

Built Environment

Problem: Lack of environments that support and empower low-income communities to meet their economic needs.

Fact: Poverty is the number one indicator of food insecurity

Solution: Support urban and school farming as well as green job opportunities

Taskforce Update June 2019 – Built Environment

Marin City Intergenerational Garden Preps for Summer Recreation Program In preparation for the Marin City Summer Rec. Program, Mt. Tamalpais High School student volunteers helped clear last year’s container gardens and compiled the used soil to be fertilized for...

Taskforce Update June 2019 – FoodNow

Healthy Food and Beverage Standards Adopted Supporting our community in setting healthy food and beverage standards is key to ensuring our clients are receiving healthy meals.  The Taskforce has adopted healthy food and beverage standards and will be hosting...

Taskforce Update June 2019 – CalFresh

Resolution Declaring May as CalFresh Awareness Month Adopted Marin County Board of Superviors adopted a resolution proclaiming May as CalFresh Awareness Month on May 21, 2019. D’Angelo Paillet, Calfresh Program Manager presented to the board, highlighting the CalFresh...

Taskforce Update March 2019 – Built Environment

Intergenerational Garden Program Recruitment The Marin City Intergenerational Garden (IG garden) is recruiting older adults and youth to participate in their community garden program, which plans to begin in mid-April. The program will serve as a place to transfer...

Taskforce Update March 2019 – FoodNow

New Partnerships We are excited about our new partnership with NorCal Resources and Redwood Community Health Coalition to assist us with food security screening and referrals through the Aunt Bertha platform. NorCal Resources is a bi-directional closed loop HIPAA...

Taskforce Update March 2019 – CalFresh

Congratulations to Alexandra Danino and Diana Jensen of the SF-Marin Food Bank who were both nominated for CalFresh Freshy Awards! The Freshy Awards honor the actions of individual Californians and organizations from across the state that have worked diligently in the...

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