Marin City

    Marin City Community – Equitable Food System Priorities

    1. Community Gardens – revitalizing existing gardens and creating a community garden collective, including workforce training.
    2. Supporting Home Cooks and other food retailers in selling food for profit such as access to commercial kitchens, storage space, and workforce training.
    3. Obtaining and training Youth Health Educators to promote health, wealth, and economic entrepreneurship development.

    Marin City Interview Results

    1. Unemployment, accessibility, and affordability are the largest barriers between community members and healthy eating.
    2. Food plays a role in creating health and wealth, which leads to self-sufficiency.
    3. Food businesses/jobs that leverage the community and create opportunities for creating wealth and economic opportunities would be helpful.
    4. Community food systems mean access to healthy and culturally relevant food which keep money circulating in the community and create self-sufficiency.
    5. Community empowerment means self-sufficiency, reparations through land and resources, and pride as being an asset to the greater community.

    Food Production

    Community gardening
    Policies for land access to grow food

    Food Transportation

    Warehouse/ food hub for storing and accessing food

    Food Processing

    Start up for social enterprise restaurants.
    Home catering businesses
    Commercial Kitchen

    Food Retail

    Grocery store (Co-Op?)
    Restaurants in plaza
    Indoor/ outdoor market for home cooks
    Farmer’s Market

    Food Consumption

    Health Educators

    Food Waste

    Composting program

    Community Empowerment

    Young people to help connect different organizations and health, economic, and wealth for entrepreneurship development

    Economic Development

    Ownership opportunities
    Business start-up support
    Training youth for agriculture and business administration

    Recommendations for a Comprehensive Community Food System in Marin City

    1. Develop workforce trainings for co-operative ownership and social enterprises 
    2. Support home cooks in selling food for profit 
    3. Expand community gardening through securing land ownership 
    4. Youth Health Educators to promote health, wealth and economic entrepreneurship development  


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