HEAL Collaborative Steering Committee Spotlight

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Our Steering Committee has gone through a transition as we shifted our focus from addressing missing meals in Marin to promoting food equity through a community-driven food system. Our new governing principles have identified 12 seats for our Steering Committee, of which 10 are currently filled. We are excited to move forward with new leadership towards our goals of establishing greater food equity in Marin. We would also like to acknowledge previous Steering Committee members for their leadership and guidance over the years. Shirin Vakharia from the Marin Community Foundation has been instrumental to the success of the Marin County HEAL Collaborative and we look forward to finding spaces for future collaboration as she transitions out of her official role with the Steering Committee.

Shirin was motivated to become a steering committee member by her interest in collaboration; to work closely with groups that are thinking through problems and solutions together. Due to the complexity of the HEAL work, Shirin upholds collaboration as an important practice. In her current role as a Program Director for MCF, Shirin recognizes the importance of not working in isolation, and states that to ensure effectivity- stakeholders and partners should be included in our thought processes. Alongside colleagues and partners, through her participation as a SC member, Shirin explored the ways in which the group could be driven to create greater change around health equity as it relates to healthy eating and active living. When asked to reflect upon stepping down on her role as a Steering Committee member, Shirin adds “We didn’t get to a broken food system overnight and were not going to build a system a justice overnight, it will take time… I am committed to being in this for the long haul.” Thank you, Shirin!

HEAL Collaborative Steering Committee Members and Seats

NWP Co-Chair Ryan ThayerHHS- Community Health and Prevention
Community Co-ChairVacant 
Ex-Officio ChairAndy Naja-RieseAgricultural Institute of Marin
Communications LeadJacqui Esquivel VasquezCommunity Member
Evaluations LeadLilian HenriquezCommunity Action Marin
Canal CAT Co-LeadMaite DuranAlcohol Justice
Marin City CAT Co-LeadJahmeer ReynoldsMarin County Cooperation Team
West Marin CAT Co-LeadMadeline Nieto-HopeWest Marin Community Services
At-LargeMarchon TatmonSF/Marin Food Bank
At-LargeMarian Cremin, LCSWKaiser Hospital
At-LargeJuanita EdwardsMarin City Community Services District

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