Food on the Go for Seniors

Congratulations Agriculture Institute of Marin for launching the Rollin’ Root mobile market!  The truck is stocked with lots of fruits and vegetables, including organic kale, chard, collards, cherry tomatoes, lettuce mix, onions, potatoes, strawberries, peaches, and raspberries. This increases access to residents at 4 locations including Marin Valley Mobile Country Club and Marin City Community Development Center. For more information contact Liana Orlandi at or read the recent Marin IJ article.

Improving Home Food Delivery in Marin

As a result of the community mapping process, the Home Delivered Meals Workgroup was established to enhance the home delivered meals system in Marin.  The goal is to create a streamlined referral system to connect home bound, chronically ill, disabled and/or elderly clients to nutritious food delivery services. This includes: assessing gaps in services, discussing program referral processes, streamlining intake forms, and setting nutritional guidelines.