Taskforce Update March 2019 – Built Environment

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Intergenerational Garden Program Recruitment

The Marin City Intergenerational Garden (IG garden) is recruiting older adults and youth to participate in their community garden program, which plans to begin in mid-April. The program will serve as a place to transfer cultural traditions, gardening skills, and knowledge between older adults and youth. In support of the garden program, the Marin County HHS’ Nutrition Wellness Program will provide a 10-series garden nutrition class that links the effects of food to health. Currently, gardening activities will be located in the greenhouse.

Seed Donation

We want to thank our partner Lauren Klein from UC Coop Extension for the generous seed donation. We received a variety of fruit, vegetable and flowers for planting in the greenhouse.

Nutrition Wellness Interns

Further, we want to send a big “Thank You” to our Nutrition Wellness Interns and the staff of the Marin City Community Services District for helping us clean out and prepare the greenhouse for planting

Marin City Intergenerational Garden Construction Updates

Construction on the Marin City IG garden is in progress. With generous donations and grants from the Marin City Community Services District, Marin County HHS, Marin County Community Development Agency and Marin Community Foundation, the garden will expand the gardening program, increase food production capacity and serve as a social and educational space.

The garden needs your help! For more information and an opportunity to support the garden, contact Sharon Turner, Marin City Intergenerational Garden Manager.

Marin City Job Fair Planning Group

Members of the Built Environment Taskforce are working with a variety of partners to plan a summer Job Fair in Marin City. The group includes representatives from the Marin City Community Development Corporation, Marin County Employment and Training, Marin County Parks, Marin Housing Authority, Marin County Nutrition Wellness program and others. Monthly meetings are held at the Marin City Community Development Corporation. Please join us at our next meeting on March 21st, 2019, from 1-2PM.

An Orchard for the San Rafael City School District

Sanzuma, with the help of our generous partners, is donating an orchard to the San Rafael City Schools for their school meal program. In three years, the orchard will be producing apples, plums, pears, peaches, apricots, persimmons and nectarines to support healthy school cafeteria meals.

Sanzuma has been raising money for the project for the past two years. We want to thank the San Rafael City School District for their continued partnership and support.

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